Technical Story Telling

I have been part of recruiting engineers into different engineering teams I have worked for or associated with.  During the interviews, we have to explain what a company and/or a product does/offers, being technical people we tend to use many concepts of the functional domain.  While it works in some cases, it does not work all the times.  Especially if the candidate is not from the same domain, this job-sale-pitch results in a flop-show than a hit-show.  We are all humans first before we become engineers, so I found story telling technique works for technical stuff very well.  Trying to create a story for all our technical stuff not only helps in recruitment but also in explaining our work/company/product to family, relatives, friends.  This is an introduction article for my blogs on Technical Story Telling.  Actual stories would come soon.


Laxmi Narsimha Rao Oruganti


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